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Aboriginal Leadership, Training & Coaching

“Being my first leadership workshop, I was unclear of what to expect. Upon arrival, I was greeted like I knew both Alan and John for years, although this was the first time meeting both. From then on, I was amazed at how much knowledge and understanding both men had to give. This has helped me start my healing and gave me a strong focus on what it means for me to become a strong leader in my community.”

“This opportunity has also given me the tools to become a stronger father, friend, family and community member. And with that, I say thank you to both Alan and John along with my brothers that also attended. I’m looking forward to using the tools I received to grow as a man in my community and in life. ‘I create stronger communities by being true and honest to myself’” Stay DEADLY my brothers.”

Building Stronger Families & Safer Communities

Dardi Munwurro (Strong Spirit) was established in 2000 to provide leadership training and personalised coaching designed to assist Aboriginal men in identifying their emotions and personal strengths. We offer a range of healing, behaviour change and family violence programs and services to break the cycle of intergenerational trauma in Aboriginal families and communities, by empowering and inspiring individuals to heal the past, acknowledge the present and create a positive vision for the future.

Dardi Healing & Family Violence Program

Assisting Aboriginal men to identify their emotions and personal strengths.

Workplace & Personal Development

Communication tools for the Aboriginal workforce to build healthy workplaces and practices.

Journeys Program for Youth

Equipping Aboriginal youth to become leaders, role models and mentors.

Aboriginal Cultural Competency Training

Exploring behaviours and issues which impact on Aboriginal culture, society and people.

Dardi Healing & Family Violence Program

Men’s healing and behaviour change program

The programs are designed to assist Aboriginal men to identify their emotions and personal strengths and in doing so, discover their own leadership potential and develop a vision for their lives. The aim is to equip Aboriginal men to become leaders, role models and mentors within their communities.

Our program model builds cultural connection as a pathway to healing the individual drivers for violence and ultimately developing pride and confidence for planning a future with healthy relationships in families and communities.

Workplace & Personal Development

Workplace leadership and development

This program gives communication tools for the Aboriginal workforce to build healthy workplaces and practices, and allows participants to develop a clarity of direction for their personal and professional lives. It enhances employees’ social awareness and interpersonal skills needed when dealing with clients or co-workers. Through this program, employees identify and connect to their passions, exploring how they can be their best selves in their workplaces and help their organisations to thrive. Participants build skills in teamwork, leadership, resilience, conflict management, accountability and responsibility, harnessing emotions and vision dreaming.

Journeys Program for Youths

Mentoring and life skills for Aboriginal youth

The Journeys Program assists young men along their transition to adulthood, assisting them to grow into healthy young adults with positive support networks within their peer group and the broader community. It prepares young people for adult life through one-on-one mentoring, self-empowerment and resilience workshops and team activities. The program provides young men with the support, tools and opportunities they need to set and achieve life goals. We work to empower young people, nurture leadership potential, promote help-seeking behaviour, build protective factors and provide connections back to culture.


Aboriginal Cultural Competency Training

Cultural safety and awareness training

These workshops provide participants with an overview of the transformation from traditional Aboriginal society to contemporary society. Participants look at behaviours and issues which impact on Aboriginal culture, society and people.

Event Calendar

Proud Warrior

I am a proud warrior, I am proud of my culture, I am proud of my heritage, my spiritual beliefs, my song and dance. I walk with my ancestors, today and forever.

Meet the Team

Dardi Munwurro · Strong Spirit

Our aim is to equip Indigenous men to become leaders, role models and mentors within their communities.


Alan Thorpe, Director/Facilitator

Alan has over 25 years experience working with the Aboriginal Community in Victoria and since 2004 has been funded by Department of Human Services and Department of Justice to deliver approximately 20 leadership programs to vulnerable Aboriginal men.

Alan qualifications in Graduate Diploma in Social Science (Men’s Behaviour Programs), Diploma in Community Development and Certificate IV in Alcohol and Other Drugs.

John Byrne, Men’s Health Counsellor

John has worked in Aboriginal Health since 1998 and regularly runs groups and mandated behaviour change programs for Relationships Australia; Understanding Anger parenting programs for Anglicare Victoria and Early Parenting for Dads for the City of Melbourne, the City of Monash and the O’Connell Family Centre, Canterbury.

John Byrne

Our Partners

Dardi Munwurro have successfully completed various workshops and programs for the Department of Human Services, Department of Justice, Relationships Australia, Corrections Victoria, Victoria Aboriginal Health Service, Murray Valley Aboriginal Co-Op, Yoowinna Wurnalung Healing Service and Boorndawan William Aboriginal Healing Service.


Contact Us

We offer a variety of workshop packages Australia wide that can be customised to your specific community. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and arrange a program tailored to your needs.

Free call 1800 435 799
ABN 35 161 083 370

8 Parkwood Rise
Mernda VIC 3754